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Subscription to Space of Grace

Dear One,


A New Circle Movement is beginning soon. On January 2nd, 2024, we begin again with the Guardian Key Code of Respect and will benefit from the collective upgrades in ease and grace - thanks to the Key Code Movements.


For Cycle O members, there are two ways to participate: 
1. With the original content
 (Cycle O) - for free and by yourself

2. With the Cycle I content - with a subscription in Space of Grace

1. When You are a Cycle O member, You can use the original content to move through the Codes. When You feel to be attuned to the exact Key Code Movements as they are being activated in the field by AhnėYah - for a more strong and higher beneficial experience - You can order Your ARACEAE Journal here. In this way You will see the exact dates of each movement, and will be able to automatically tune in to the activations taking place ( = highly recommended for a more accurate experience and deeper beneficial results.)
*** PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to move through the codes alone, it is still important to not miss any code and complete the entire series of all sequences from the beginning through to the end. This has always been communicated in this way yet many have not honored this guidance and thus experienced unnecessary distractions. Please be aware that GKCA is a powerful activating and clearing tool. If the exact structure of the codes is not honored, it can potentially cause unpleasant effects. Cycle I is even more powerful than the original content - which is why it needs a more strict space holding, and has to be done in group setting: either in a group with AhnėYah or in the Space of Grace.

2. When You wish to move through this New Circle Movement with the Cycle I content and the new ever upgraded Yahrin Transmissions, yet not within a Circle held by AhnėYah Yahrin, You can do so through joining the Space of Grace group. Cycle One is much more intensely upgrading than the original content - therefor it must be experienced in a group setting, and cannot be moved through by One's Self.
Mahalo for innerstanding and respecting this importance of space holding.


- Access to Cycle One content

- ARACEAE Journal

- Participation in the Space of Grace online gatherings

- Access to the NEW Ever Evolving upgraded Yahrin Transmissions
(AhnėYah channels a new Transmission for each Code in each new Circle
Movement: according to the evolutionary movements within the collective fields. These
Transmissions are NOT included in the original Cycle O content - only from Cycle One onward)

You can join Space of Grace with a monthly subscription of 6 months, or join with a one-time full payment and so get one month for free. Your subscription will give You instant access to Cycle One content and Space of Grace participation. Your Journal will be shipped a.s.a.p. with express shipping.



Upon joining this 6-month subscription, One is required* to be committed to:


1. Move through every Key Code Movement

2. Join all Space of Grace gatherings


If these requirements are not met - without any valid and serious reason - One's subscription will be cancelled:

- If One misses or forgets a Key Code Movement for more than 3 times, for any reason, One's subscription will be cancelled and further access to Cycle One will be discontinued.
- If One cannot be present in the online gatherings for more than 3 times, for any reason, One's subscription will be cancelled and further access to C
ycle One will be discontinued.
One must always communicate to the others in the group if and when One cannot participate in the online gatherings as a form of Respect and Grace.

(*) These requirements are put in place for Your own safety, as well as to assure the most graceful experience during the upgrade of the Circle Movement; for You yourself and for the other participants. If You were not to commit to these requirements, unnecessary (unpleasant/distracting) experiences could take place for Your Self and/or other participants. GKCA needs strong space holding and commitment to be able to bring You the most beneficial support and DNA upgrade. It is for Your own benefit that You should take participation in an ARACEAE Circle Movement seriously.


Mahalo for Your Respect and Honor towards

Your Self, the other Participants ánd the Initiator -

through honoring these graceful requirements.


Choose Your participation plan below:

  • Cycle One - Space of Grace

    Every month
    +€222 Joining Fee: includes Journal + shipment
    Participation Space of Grace within Cycle One
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to Cycle One content
    • ARACEAE Journal
    • Space of Grace participation
    • Access to the Yahrin Transmissions of the current CM
  • Cycle One - Space of Grace

    FULL Circle Movement - get 1 month FREE
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to Cycle One content
    • ARACEAE Journal
    • Participation Space of Grace
    • Access to the Yahrin Transmissions of the current CM
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